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Hey, my name is Hunter. You're obviously here for 1 Reason... you want to get stronger and healthier within the weight room, and use it to improve your life in some way. The methods I use in my training programs are proven by the most successful guys in the industry... and the results have been seen in hundreds of high school, college, and professional athletes.

Part of my mission in life is to help as many people become stronger, healthier, and ultimately happier - and that's why I've moved my training philosophy onto the internet. There is no way I can possibly reach the amount of people I would like to by training in a local gym, so for the first time ever, you can get my workouts all in one place.

You can learn more about my workouts  below, and you can take advantage of the special "founding members" program I've got going on right now!


The Hybrid Fitness Systems Founding Member Beta Membership Includes Access To ALL of the future programs and trainings on at a grandfathered price.

You will gain access to the programs - Accelerated Strength Training For Beginners Vol. 1 (Value of $67), Hybrid Athlete Nutrition Manual (Value of $67), and future programs, which will include:

  • Nutrition Plans
  • Fat loss Programs
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Personal Development

As a Founding member, we will want to hear your input on our content so we can learn what you are most interested in, what you'd like to see in the future, etc. You will be a true part of the future of Hybrid Fitness Systems! Here's a little bit more about the programs you get today:

Programs Included:

This program is Extremely Simple  to follow, and takes away all of the distractions that might destroy your results otherwise.

In this program, my video tutorials emphasis form for every exercise you will need, so you can minimize your risk of injury.

This 21 Page Nutrition Bible will be extremely helpful to the casual exerciser or the most competitive of athletes. I go over exactly what you need to eat and drink before your training sessions, games, and competitions, to avoid getting light-headed (which used to be a killer for me). It'l also ensure you don't have an upset stomach while exercising.

Why I'm So Inspired to Help You!

But before we go any further... I want to share a story with you... this story is what ultimately inspired me to research these strength methods for so many years, and until this time, I've been kind of...embarrassed about sharing.

You see, when I was in high school, I loved playing sports, and I knew that in order to be a starter and be successful, I needed to get stronger! The thing is... I was extremely skinny, underweight, and not the strongest...

Here's a picture of me my freshman year of high school...see, not the biggest kid around!


I was skilled enough to play varsity as a freshman in both basketball and football, but I finally hit a breaking point after being dominating constantly by bigger, stronger athletes.

I made a decision that no matter what, I would find a way to get bigger and stronger by the next sports season so I could be the one dominating.

But wait... there's one more thing... and here's the even more embarrassing part.

This lack of strength and size not only affected me in sports, it affected me around girls too. I lacked the confidence to approach girls, and would constantly compare myself to other guys in my grade who were stronger and more muscular.

So I sincerely believed that if I could figure out how to solve my strength problem, it would positively effect every part of my life and relationships.

Now my family comes from a long line of “bad genetics”...

And I know exactly what it feels like to hate the skinny, weak reflection looking back in the bathroom mirror...

And I would have given anything to finally get the strength and size I wanted.

After scanning through a training text book one day, I Finally found a strength training loophole, and after introducing it to my workout routine, I was not only able to dominate on the field and court, but I got my first girl friend too, all because of the confidence my new-found strength has instilled in me.

This one "secret" that I discovered has made all the difference in how I've programmed for myself and clients... and has ultimately changed a number of people's lives forever.

Why Should You Trust Me As Your Trainer?

For the past 6 years, I've dedicated the majority of my time surrounding myself with some of the best trainers on the planet. I've spend thousands of dollars on books and learning materials, and tested what I've learned on my own clients to tweak and improve methods as I see needed.

Here's a picture of me with Connor Powers (Former Professional Baseball Player and Top 8 Finisher in World RE/MAX Long Drive Championship) Jack Cascio (Professional Athlete Trainer and Owner of Twice the Speed) and Grayson "The Professor" Boucher (Legendary Streetballer)

What Do My Clients Say?


Before working out with Hunter, I couldn’t even bend my knees into a squat position without a great deal of pain in my knees. I also had a terrible eating pattern, one that probably shouldn’t even keep me alive. I knew Hunter could make me stronger, and that was what I expected. The results that I saw were above and beyond what I was hoping for, and it was all thanks to Hunter’s exceptional service. First off, the pain in my joints were gone within the first week. This was such a relief because I never would’ve thought lifting weights could make pain go away. I felt like my potential in doing the things I loved doing, like tennis and skiing, suddenly increased by a ton. I could move so freely now, and it felt great. This was also followed by an emotional boost, knowing I don’t have to live with this pain and weakness any longer. Not only did I become more healthy, I got stronger. Hunter promised me an increase of about five pounds on my squat each session. I was skeptical that results would come that quickly, but he was right. I was increasing by up to 15 pounds at one point, just between one squat session and the next. Hunter writes down and organizes neatly each session and how much weight you lifted, which makes progress very visible. Hunter did not only help me become stronger and healthier while we were in the weight room, he also gave me guides on what to and what not to eat to increase the results in the weight room. He even made a trip with me to the grocery store, to help me pick out just what I needed to become stronger. My experience with Hunter was great, and I especially recommend his services for someone new to the working-out scene. Thanks Hunter.

Cameron Maine

I’ve only been working out with Hunter for a few weeks and already I can feel a difference. I came to him to help prepare myself for the police academy exam that I am hoping to take in the future. When I first came to Hunter, I was able to do most of the exercises that are required on the test, but not with much ease. Now I am able to do almost all of them with ease. Having Hunter as my personal trainer has not only made me stronger and healthier, but it has also given me a lot of confidence on my ability to pass my future exam. He does a variety of workouts and with each one, he makes sure that they are being done properly. When I don’t feel as if I can continue on with an exercise, he motivates me to push through and sometimes do more than the required set, but never push myself to the point where it becomes unbearable. I would highly recommend Hunter to anyone who wants to get in shape.

Brandon Maine

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