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I’ve only been working out with Hunter for a few weeks and already I can feel a difference. I came to him to help prepare myself for the police academy exam that I am hoping to take in the future. When I first came to Hunter, I was able to do most of the exercises that are required on the test, but not with much ease. Now I am able to do almost all of them with ease. Having Hunter as my personal trainer has not only made me stronger and healthier, but it has also given me a lot of confidence on my ability to pass my future exam. He does a variety of workouts and with each one, he makes sure that they are being done properly. When I don’t feel as if I can continue on with an exercise, he motivates me to push through and sometimes do more than the required set, but never push myself to the point where it becomes unbearable. I would highly recommend Hunter to anyone who wants to get in shape.

Brandon Black Thomason, Maine

Before working out with Hunter, I couldn’t even bend my knees into a squat position without a great deal of pain in my knees. I also had a terrible eating pattern, one that probably shouldn’t even keep me alive. I knew Hunter could make me stronger, and that was what I expected. The results that I saw were above and beyond what I was hoping for, and it was all thanks to Hunter’s exceptional service. First off, the pain in my joints were gone within the first week. This was such a relief because I never would’ve thought lifting weights could make pain go away. I felt like my potential in doing the things I loved doing, like tennis and skiing, suddenly increased by a ton. I could move so freely now, and it felt great. This was also followed by an emotional boost, knowing I don’t have to live with this pain and weakness any longer. Not only did I become more healthy, I got stronger. Hunter promised me an increase of about five pounds on my squat each session. I was skeptical that results would come that quickly, but he was right. I was increasing by up to 15 pounds at one point, just between one squat session and the next. Hunter writes down and organizes neatly each session and how much weight you lifted, which makes progress very visible. Hunter did not only help me become stronger and healthier while we were in the weight room, he also gave me guides on what to and what not to eat to increase the results in the weight room. He even made a trip with me to the grocery store, to help me pick out just what I needed to become stronger. My experience with Hunter was great, and I especially recommend his services for someone new to the working-out scene. Thanks Hunter.

Cameron Butler Owls Head, Maine

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